Contract Review

Our Fixed Fee Review service works like this:

•             You send us a Word version of your current T&C’s or contract.

•             The price for the Fixed Fee Review alone is £199.00. For this you get a simple report on the good and bad of your current version and an honest appraisal of its fitness for purpose and how to improve it: if it’s all OK we will say so.

•             If having undertaken the Fixed Fee Review we can tweak what you have, you just pay for the review, and some time (at our standard hourly rate) usually up to 2 hours max for the fixes. This of course depends on the rectifications to be done.

•             If a full rewrite is required  we will quote you a fee for that option in line with our bespoke contract service, but you do not pay for the Fixed Fee Review as well.

We let you know where we are with these options once the review was complete, tell you how much extra time and cost was required and you can authorise or say no to further work if you want to.