Contracts – creation or review

Terms and Conditions required? Perhaps you need to regulate the arrangements with your suppliers? Do you have sub contractors who work with you providing goods or services to your clients? How does insurance fit into this?


The terms upon which you supply your goods and services need to be clear and up to date. It’s vital to understand what you are promising to do, or what obligations you expect others to adhere to.

We can usually offer fixed fees for contracts that protect you and your business and clarify everyone’s expectations.



If you have a contract and you need a simple explanation of its terms, a possible renegotiation, or an understanding of where your risks lie, we can help. Do you know what you can change and what you need to live with? A review and assessment of risk can achieve this. Are you supplying B2B or B2C – does that matter?

You may also need to consider how your terms fit with your insurance cover. Do your T’s and C’s apply? Are they incorporated?

Do you need a new policy for your business – to cover health and safety issues like protective clothing and hand washing; HR policies for training, recruitment, retention of staff; bribery and anti corruption policies; website terms and privacy policy for your on line presence; specific policies required by industry regulators; but you don’t have a clue where to start?

Talk to us and we can help.