About Heather Stanford

Qualifying as a solicitor in 1992, I spent the next 20 years working in private practice, local government and legal recruitment.  Initially working in general litigation, I then specialised in commercial dispute resolution. I understand how to resolve issues around commercial property, employment, contracts for goods and services and disputes between directors and shareholders; and a whole lot more besides.  Having also run a law firm as Managing Partner and been Operations & Business Manager within an SME, this combined experience means I have first-hand knowledge of the various demands and pressures of running a business.

Heather Stanford

My skill-set isn’t necessarily unique, but it is certainly unusual. It gives me the ability to identify and then solve a huge variety of problems for you and your business. This solutions-based approach very much underpins my work at Stanford Gould and is undoubtedly the reason I’m able to help such a wide range of clients.  Small businesses often have to operate without dedicated Marketing, Business Development, HR or IT departments – everyone needs to be willing to wear several hats.  So, if you find that suddenly there are more hats than available heads, what do you do?  You call Stanford Gould.

I’m proud to have a reputation as someone who simply gets on with things.  I’m down to earth, logical, practical and unflappable.  I’m someone who can see the wood for the trees, and who can cut to the chase – I can see exactly what needs to be done, then I will deliver it.

You don’t have the time. I do.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy cooking, non-competitive distance running, funk and soul music and gardening. I live in Derbyshire with my Sunderland AFC obsessed husband, and my two marvellous children.