Business Audit – Premium Service

Stanford Gould- Business Audit- East Midlands Business Audit

A business audit identifies the good and bad in your processes. We figure out what you do well and what you what you fail to do. This leads to positive changes, ensuring you work efficiently and effectively.

At Stanford Gould, our areas of expertise are legal and contracts, HR and operations, including health and safety often provided with other trusted partners.

• Are your staff contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures, or contracts with freelancers, third parties and suppliers up to date and fit for purpose?

• Are there processes which would benefit from standardisation?

• When do you send or refer to your T and Cs? Do you effectively incorporate them?

• When were your terms last reviewed and are they still fit for purpose?

• Are you tracking enquiries or do you need to introduce a process to do this?

• Maybe your billing procedures need an overhaul?

• Do you have a credit control process with standard chasing documents and letters to improve cash flow?

• Do you need help with your insurance and risk management?

Contact us if your processes could benefit from a business audit to improve your bottom line.

Your fixed fee business audit takes place over one or more half days, on site and remotely. This is followed by a written report of what to improve and a to-do list of risks, responses and actions to undertake, clearly prioritised for easy implementation.