GDPR Review

Our GDPR review involves looking at the important aspects of GDPR compliance for your business and advising where changes are needed.

A failure to comply with GDPR guidelines can result in a hefty fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office – the ICO. It is your legal obligation as a business to ensure you have the proper basis for using and storing personal data contained in a privacy policy or notice and communicated to your customers, as well as clearly stating how their personal information is used and stored, and for how long it will be kept for.

Are your T&Cs accurate and relevant to your business and do they reference your privacy policy? Are you aware of the GDPR guidelines in place? What about email compliance or ICO registration? Do you store information securely and regularly change passwords to protect client data? The answer to these questions is often a ‘no’! GDPR compliance for some businesses is something moved to the bottom of the to-do list. We can take that job off your hands and ensure your terms and other compliance documents are up to scratch.

Our contract templates do include GDPR clauses. However, if you are after a more thorough review, our GDPR reviews are for you.

Our GDPR review includes:

• Creating and providing GDPR assessment tools and help to complete that assessment

• Ensuring website and email compliance

• Contract terms review – for clients and sub-contractors – to ensure the correct layering is in place

•  Registration requirements for the ICO

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